Software Development

Bestpoke software / technologies made for humans and incidently run on computers.

Mobile/Cloud Application Development

Android/iOS Moblie apps and associated NodeJS backend.

Responsive Web Application Development

From landing pages to full featured HTML5 web apps and associated backend.

SaaS/Open Source Product Development

Create, architect, advise, maintain SaaS and Open source libraries.

Tech Staffing

Hire the missing element in your team.

Need a software developer, tester or product/project manager for your team ? Hire one for from a few days to a few months.

Product/Project Manager team augmentation

Narrow down your product's features / define specifications.

Hire one (onsite or remote)
Developer/Tester team augmentation

Implement / enhance specifications.

Hire one (onsite or remote)
Agile Project Management transition

A constant in today and tomorrow's software is constant change. Being agile about it is key to successfully create and maintain your product on the market.

Let's talk Agile

Technology Consulting

Get the technological knowledge needed to move your project forward with confidence.

Use technology as one of your business partner.

Startup Product Consulting

Consulting services ranging from product definition, code / architecture decisions, scrum & sprint organization, up to product implementation.

Emerging Technology Consulting

Technology is continuously evolving and fast. Get recent updates on the latest emerging tech.